QHack2021: Hackathon Recap and project development experience


Before the event

One week before the hackathon kicked off, I managed to create a team. I used both the Xanadu Slack and the Unitary Fund Discord servers to reach out to other participants, within a few hours several participants responded, and the next day our team was formed, the “Entangled_Nets” team.

The QML Challenges

On the 17th, both the QML Challenges and QHack streaming sessions kicked off, with exciting talks and presentations from experts in the fields of quantum computing and quantum machine learning. There were two sessions a day with about 4 talks each, this lasted for 3 days with a total of 35 hours of live-streamed video with over 13,500 views. The recordings were made available on the QHack Twitch channel for later review.

Can’t enjoy QHack without memes :)

The Open Hackathon

Although we had finished the QML challenges, we had 3 days till the Open Hackathon starts, which was a good pause to take a breath and plan for the final project, as we prepare before, we tried to divide the tasks that each one of us is responsible for, and on the 22nd the Open Hackathon kicked off with an introductory presentation to the AWS services.

Project presentation

Join the community and stay tuned

QML is an extremely exciting field and the community is constantly expanding. Many people from different backgrounds are involved, and you can always find someone who will help and provide you with the necessary resources.


I would like to thank my teammates, Edo and Andrei(Voicu Tomut), for sharing their knowledge, coming up with unique solutions, and being open to new ideas. I couldn't have come this far without their help.



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Togan Tlimakhoff

Togan Tlimakhoff


I’m a Master’s in Physics student interested in quantum information science.